Summer online reading: 

What's new at the ELA (Experimental Lakes Area) near Vermillion Bay:

CLICK HERE  to read about How "Temperature Affects the Quality of Fresh Water",  "The Name Game: How IISD-ELA’s lakes got their names" and more

CLICK HERE to read about  "Reducing How Much Nitrogen Enters a Lake Has Little Impact on Algal Blooms, Find Canadian Scientists", "... with Keystone spill, questions remain about oil’s impact on fresh water" and more

CANADA'S ENERGY OUTLOOK: CURRENT REALITIES AND IMPLICATIONS FOR A CARBON-CONSTRAINED FUTURE, released in May 2018 by the Parkland Institue, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the Corporate Mapping Project.

This report "serves as a definitive guide to Canada’s current energy realities and their implications for a sustainable future. It takes a detailed look at Canadian energy consumption, renewable and non-renewable energy supply, the state of Canada’s resources and revenues, and what it all means for emissions-reduction planning."

Read a 28-page summary report or visit for the full 180-page report or individual chapters. 

Chapter 4  "Emissions reduction targets and implications for an energy strategy" is of particular interest!