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View Dr. Gordon Edwards' Presentation:

"Radioactive Wastes:
The Questions Multiply"

recorded at the Environment North AGM,
April 2023

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) is planning to select a site to bury all of Canada's high-level nuclear fuel waste in 2024! One of the two potential sites is near Revell Lake, between Dryden and Ignace. 

If the Revell Site were selected, radioactive nuclear fuel waste would travel from southern Ontario (mostly), through Thunder Bay to the site at about 2 loads per day for 5 decades, and then be processed on-site for burial. There, it would have to be isolated from the environment for at least 100,000 years.  

What is the history of this proposal,
and what are the dangers?

View NetNewsLedger's video of the presentation and Q&A:

Dr Gordon Edwards April 2023 Thunder Bay


Caribou habitat near Lake Nipigon under threat

Support sustainable forestry and adherence to Ontario's Land Use Plan (CLUPA 2616) which prioritizes commercial recreation and protection of caribou habitat in an area east of Wabakimi provincial park. Click here for more details.


Environment North is opposed to the geological disposal and long-distance transport of high-level nuclear waste.  (click here for some background)

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Say No to Nuclear Waste in Northwestern Ontario
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 Environment North delivers 25,000 Postcards in Thunder Bay
opposing Nuclear Fuel Waste Transport

In early April, 2023, 25,000 households in Thunder Bay will receive a postcard detailing the dangers of proposed nuclear fuel waste transport through the city. In turn, these postcards can be mailed postage-free to the recipient's M.P. to express opposition.

Environment North Postcard opposing Nuclear Fuel Waste Transport