Forests for Tomorrow Critical Decisions regarding the Forest Management Plan for Forest are happening now! Recreational tourism and caribou habitat are at stake. February 25, 2023
Impressions of the NWMO: less than candid Fred F. Kimberley's recent letter in the Chronicle Journal describes the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO).
Dryden Nuclear Forum On September 28 and 29, 2022 the Dryden Nuclear Education and Engagement Committee (DNEEC) presented a forum on nuclear waste disposal.

Environment North is 50! Environment North celebrated 5 decades of environmental awareness, advocacy and action with a summer party. Read more about past successes and future concerns. September 11, 2022

Environment North AGM - 2022 Environment North was thrilled to have environmental justice lawyer Kerrie Blaise and author and activist Maude Barlow present at the virtual Annual General Meeting. A recording is available. April 22, 2022
Northern Focus Webinar Bora Laskin law students present their research on forestry, sustainability and public engagement - specifically on the two themes of caribou habitat and nuclear waste. The students' work was supported by Environment North, the Canadian Evironmental Law Association and ProBono Students Canada. April 14, 2022
Marathon Palladium Project Environment North made an oral presentation as well as a written submission to the Joint Review Panel. Environment North hopes steps will be taken to address concerns on the climate and socio-economic impacts of this project. March 16, 2022
Nuclear energy will not help counter climate change Four international nuclear regulation experts release a joint statement, "Nuclear is just not part of any feasible strategy that could counter climate change." January 30, 2022
Swedish government approves next steps in construction of nuclear waste repository. "REGRETTABLE and IRRESPONSIBLE" according to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and the Swedish NGO Office for Nuclear Waste Review (MKG) since concerns about the safety of the copper cannisters remain. January 29, 2022
Deep Geological Disposal Still Under Scrutiny An update on the nuclear waste disposal plans for Sweden and Finland - further study of copper corrosion and a test tunnel. September 18, 2021
Nuclear Energy - Will it help solve climate change? For a snapshot of the debate on whether nuclear energy can help address climate change read about the opposing views of climate scientist James Hansen and energy analyst Paul Dorfman. A recent article in the journal "Energy Policy" concludes that nuclear energy has a very limited role. May 22, 2021
No Nuclear Waste in the Northwest - or Anywhere Else Read the details in an article by Environment North president, Graham Saunders. April 20, 2021

We the Nuclear Free North A newly formed alliance opposes burial of highly radioactive nuclear waste in Northern Ontario. April 2, 2021
Law Student Presentations on Issues related to Nuclear Waste and Pulp Mill Pollutants #1 The Search for a “Willing Host” for Canada’s Nuclear Waste Storage in Northwester Ontario, March 23, 2021
#2 Tools for Community Engagement and Knowledge about Pollutants: a Case Study of the Terrace Bay Pulp Mill on March 25, 2021
March 20, 2021
Woodland Caribou and CLUPA 2616 Forest management decisions need to ensure the sustainability of caribou,
remote tourism and ecotourism.