Forestry & Mining

CARIBOU: Scientists refute forest industry claims. Learn more by reading the article by Julee Boan originally published in the Chronicle Journal. November 28, 2017
Studying Permafrost in a Changing Climate On October 23, 2017, Élise Devoie, originally from Thunder Bay, gave a presentation on her permafrost research. Learn more by reading her blog and the Chronicle Journal article by Kerstin Muth. November 1, 2017
Forests for all, forever What is the best way to ensure sustainable forest management? Read this article by Dr. Julee Boan April 21, 2016
Caribou in Ontario The "State of the Wooland Caribou Resource Report" states that virtually all woodland caribou populations are in decline. February 5, 2015
Mining Act missing from discussion Designed to enable resource extraction, few laws or policies can interfere with it. January 18, 2014
A Pitch for a Higher Level of Ring Review To plan for a sustainable future and to avoid irreversible consequences in the Ring of Fire, an Environmental Assessment (EA) at the highest level of scrutiny is in order. September 16, 2013
Stillwater Environmental Impact Statement Joint Panel Review decides Environmental Impact Statement needs more information before proceeding. November 26, 2012
Environment North Comments on Marathon PGM Draft EIS Guidelines May 24, 2011
Public Comment Analysis of Panel Reviewed Environmental Assessment Projects in Canada A document prepared as input to the Marathon PGM-Cu Mine Project Panel Review Environmental Assessment May 18, 2011
Comments regarding the woodland caribou habitat protection approach Environment North has submitted comments to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources on March 10, 2011 regarding the woodland caribou habitat protection approach. Environment North strongly disagrees with the proposed approach that would separate the caribou habitat into different zones and provide exemptions from the Endangered Species Act for most industrial uses for some zones. The entire caribou habitat range should be subject to regulations under the Endangered Species Act. Read More... March 10, 2011