Climate Change

Citizen Participation and Environmental Laws Recent responses to Bill 66 and Bill 4 show the impact of public participation and environmental laws. February 1, 2019
It is not too late to act Local groups submit a summary of the IPCC's latest report to Member of Parliament Patty Hajdu. Eliazabeth May makes a speech in parliament. The time to act together is now. October 26, 2018
Coal plants Shutting down coal plants was not a "waste of money" but achieved a huge reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, reduced toxins and contributed to reduced smog. Former Ontario Environment Commissioner Gord Miller explains... January 20, 2018
Pipeline Proposals The Energy East Pipeline proposal has been cancelled. What is the case for the Kinder-Morgan proposal?
Oil and Fresh Water New research at the Experimental Lakes Area is studying the impact of oil spills in fresh water. November 20, 2017
Act or be Acted Upon Dr. Laxer's new report outlines how the Alberta Tar Sands oil production can be phased out by 2040. November 11, 2017
Studying Permafrost in a Changing Climate On October 23, 2017, Élise Devoie, originally from Thunder Bay, gave a presentation on her permafrost research. Learn more by reading her blog and the Chronicle Journal article by Kerstin Muth. November 1, 2017
The Price of Power in Ontario Learn more about the role of nuclear power in Ontario electricity rate increases: article, reports, and A PETITION TO CLOSE THE AGING PICKERING NUCLEAR POWER PLANT June 6, 2017
Something to Think About Are people hard-wired to ignore climate change? Board member Lucy LaFramboise writes a review of the book "Don't even think about it". May 1, 2017
Precious Water Board member Scott Harris asks,"How much usuable water do we have?" April 21, 2017