The Champions Project

An Initiative in Human Rights Education and the Emerging Right to a Clean Environment 

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The Idea for the Project

In April of 2022 Canadians celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the passage by the United Nations of a resolution establishing the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment. This year, Canada and the international community will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, whose principal author was Canadian jurist John Peters Humphrey. The Champions Project will commemorate these important landmarks in the protection of human rights.

Partners in the project are the Thunder Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre, the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association, The London Black History Coordinating Committee, Environment North and the Champion Writiers Collective.  The Champion Writers Collective comprises of principal members Beverly Anne Sabourin & Peter Andre Globensky as well as the 10 other writers contributing to the anthology/project.

The Champions Project has been constructed around the preparation and publication of an anthology entitled Canadian Human Rights Champions ~ The Arduous Journey which will be published next year by the University of Toronto Press. The primary intent of this anthology is to recount the stories of the human rights advocates themselves exploring their motivations and the challenges and opportunities they encountered as they fought and continue to fight to secure Charter rights for all Canadians.

The Emerging Right to a Clean Environment

Environment North's interest in the project is the emphasis on the emerging right to a clean environment and, following the UN leadership,on the movement to entrench that right in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Two members of Environment North are actively engaged in writing the anthology.

Few would argue with the premise that the environment must be safeguarded and treasured to ensure healthy and sustainable lives for humanity and all species. Securing the right to a clean environment would help to protect crucial ecosystems within which our very survival is anchored. The Champions Project and the anthology celebrate the courageous accomplishments of those who continue to advocate for the codification and entrenchment of a right to a clean environment so that all that sustains life is maintained.  

Plans for the Project

The Champions Project launch date is scheduled for mid 2024. In addition to the publication of the anthology, the project plans to produce and widely distribute digital copies of professional grade resource and curriculum aides and videographic oral histories and interviews. As well, a national public symposium examining the current state of human rights in Canada involving current champions celebrated in the work and human rights and environmental experts and organizations, will serve as a formal launch for the anthology. The partners engaged in The Champions Project are proud to initiate this nation-wide project in celebration of those Canadians both young and old who have dedicated and continue to dedicate their passion and commitment to help secure these rights for all Canadians.

Donating to the Project

Please consider supporting this interactive and participatory contribution to human rights in Canada. Donations will assist in defraying the costs of producing environmentally themed components of the anthology, the digital resource/curriculum guide for the anthology and developing a ‘camera ready’ videography.

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